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Ode to Jimmy - My "Merican" Experience

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Today as I roamed the city for a job, I found a family owned German Meat Market called Edelweiss, When I went inside everyone had thick german accents and they were practically attacking the customers to take their orders, a stalky woman was playing with a huge raw sausage and I decided to apply. On my application I added that I knew all the words to the song Edelweiss and that the smell of sour kraut is not disturbing. When I left, being on the "shady" side of town I was a little afraid of being shot as I waited for some bus to carry me away. A man approached me. He called himself "Jimmy Mack the Dirty White Man" He was intrusive enough to make me try on his sunglasses and then asked my name. After I had answered him he serenaded me with the classic song that belongs to my name and then moved in a little closer and whispered with the smokiest teeth.. "I like Jim Morrison better" Then began to sing The Crystal Ship I think he sang the whole song and then looked at me lowered his sunglasses, intensely gazed at me with his 64 year old green eyes and said "You are one funny girl." We talked and made each other laugh the whole way on the bus. He told me to join the painters union. He convinced me to tell my mother when I went home that a man on the bus named "Full blooded Irish Jimmy Mack the Dirty white Man who left his girlfriend of 4 years cause she was addicted to crack" Flirted with me today and asked if my mother was single. How could I not tell her?
I can best decribe how I feel with this word: bouncybetter
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